Notice To All Students- New SCD Student Database

Dear Students,


The Sydney College of Divinity has recently changed student database systems, and we ask for your patience during this transitionary period. The transition involves the migration of student data, set up of forms and templates and staff training as we familiarise to the new system. So far, this transition has not been perfect and has taken more resources than initially expected.

This means that processes and templates will change from what we were used to in the past and letters may come out later than usually expected. For example, the confirmation of enrolment and invoice may arrive later than expected. You should receive these well before the census date, if you do not receive it a few weeks before the census date, or if you notice something unusual or incorrect, please notify the Registry Office.

Finally, requests to the registry which are not urgent may be deferred to a later date; this includes credit applications which do not relate immediately to prerequisites or graduation.


We thank you for your patience.


Jason Israel


8th July 2019