Dr. Matthew Del Nevo

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Dr. Matthew Del Nevo
Associate Professor in Philosophy at Catholic Institute of Sydney



BA AppSocSci (Lanchester Poly UK), BD (Hons) (USyd, 1991) GradDipEd (ACU, 2001) PhD (USyd 1996)
BD Hons thesis title: An Anatomy of Comparative Spirituality: Common Ground in St. Augustine and the Eastern Fathers
BD Hons thesis title: Reading Edmond Jabes
[Edmond Jabes was an Egyptian-born poet writing in the memory of the Jewish Holocaust. His major work was Le Livre des questions in seven volumes (1963-1973)
Le Livre des ressemblances in three volumes (1978-1980) and Le Livre des limites in four volumes (1982-1987). Jabes died in Paris in 1991.]


Research Interests

Contemporary Hermeneutics, Philosophical aesthetics, Philosophy of education, Spirituality and Philosophical Theology.


Matthew teaches logic, philosophy of human person, philosophy of culture, from Kant to Postmodernism, philosophy of phychology, and generally speaking at the intersections of faith, formation and culture.

Matthew has research interests in Continental philosophy spanning Aesthetics, Music, Theology (Sophiology, Patristics, von Balthasar); Judaism (Bible, rabbinics, Zohar); Wisdom Traditions (Eastern, esoteric); Psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan); Feminism (Kristeva); Literature (poetics, late 19th early twentieth century French).

Matthew grew up in the UK  and worked in Jerusalem in his twenties, a city where East meets West and three world religions are centred. He also worked with Jean Vanier during this period.

Matthew has written a number of books on psychology and culture that pick up on a distinction, important in his work , between the soulfulness and soullessness . He has also written about Devout Humanism, the Catholic tradition from St Francis de Sales.

Matthew is involved in a translation project of the philosopher Max Picard with St. Augustine's Press, and a translation of Lou Andrea's-Salome the first Freudian female psychoanalyst with Transaction Publishers.  


Books Published / Contributed To

Finding Harmony : Wipf and Stock Eugene, Oregon USA, 2017.


Lou Andreas-SaloméSex and Religion: Two Texts of Early Feminine Psychoanalysis, trans. Maike Oergel, Kristine Jennings, intro. Matthew Del Nevo, Gary Winship (New Brunswick NJ, London: Transaction, 2015).

Lou - SexReligion

Max Picard, Flight From God, intro. Brendan Sweetman, Matthew Del Nevo, Foreword by Gabriel Marcel (South Bend IN: St. Augustine’s Press, 2015).


The Metaphysics of Night. New Brunswick USA/London UK: Transaction, 2014.



Art Music. Love, Listening and Soulfulness. New Brunswick USA/London UK: Transaction, 2013.

 Art Music



The Erotic. Lou Andreas-Salome. Preface by Matthew Del Nevo. Introduction by Gary Winship. Translated by John Crisp. New Brunswick USA/London UK: Transaction, 2012.

 The Erotic


The Work of Enchantment. New Brunswick USA/London UK: Transaction, 2011.




The Valley Way of Soul. Sydney: St. Pauls, 2008




Philosophical Dilemmas, with Phil Washburn. Sheffield: International Society for Philosophers, 2009.




The Continental Community of Inquiry. Sheffield: International Society for Philosophers, 2002.




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Articles in refereed journals

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[Both book reviews and non-refereed writings are not included above]


Professional Associations

Fellow, International Society for Philosophers (ISFP) - (London)

Society for Literature and Aesthetics (Sydney)

Associate, Critical Theory of Religion (Harvard)

Sydney Schubert Society (Board Member)

Australasian Consulting Philosophers (ACP)