The Catholic Institute of Sydney is recognised in two jurisdictions.



As an ecclesiastical faculty, it has been canonically erected by Papal authority through the Congregation for Seminaries and Universities to teach the sacred sciences and to confer the Baccalaureate, Licence, and Doctorate of Sacred Theology. The Apostolic Constitution of Pope John Paul II, Sapientia Christiana, provides the universal law for ecclesiastical faculties. The statutes and regulations of each faculty are expected to take account of the “varying local conditions and the university customs obtaining in each region”. The Statutes of the Catholic Institute of Sydney are those as approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education on the 28th July 2009.



The Catholic Institute of Sydney, like all tertiary institutions in New South Wales, is subject to the appropriate commonwealth and state authorities. It relates to these bodies as a member of the Sydney College of Divinity.



All Sydney College of Divinity undergraduate and graduate degree programs taught by the Catholic Institute of Sydney are accredited by the Australian Government's Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). 



In 1983 the New South Wales Higher Education Board approved the incorporation of the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD), in which Catholic Institute of Sydney was one of the six founding Member Institutions. At this time a Bachelor of Theology programme was accredited retrospectively to the commencement of studies in 1982. CIS continues to be a strong member of the SCD and over the years since its formation has experienced the deepening of relationships with other Member Institutions.