Assignable Course Units

Structure - MASTER OF ARTS


BB400 Introduction to Biblical Studies
BB553 The Four Gospels
BB531 Prophetic Literature
BB591 Research Project in Biblical Studies
BB592 Independent Guided Study in Biblical Studies
BB594 Issues in Biblical Studies
BB596 Research Essay in Biblical Studies
BB629 Wisdom and Poetry in Israel
BB652 Apocalyptic Literature
BB695 Advanced Seminar in Biblical Studies

ET416 Fundamental Catholic Moral Theology
ET591 Research Project in Christian Ethics
EP592 Independend Guided Study in Christian Ethics
ET594 Issues in Christian Ethics
ET646 Family, Church and Society

SP402 Foundations of Christian Spiritual Formation
SP591 Research Project in Christian Spirituality
SP592 Independent Guided Study in Christian Spirituality
SP594 Issues in Christian Spirituality

HS410 The Early Church
HS440 The Church in the Middle Ages
HS571 Vatican II and its Reception
HS590 Australian Catholics
HS591 Research Project in Church History
HS592 Independent Guided Study in Church History
HS594 Issues in Church History
HS596 Research Essay in Church History

CN446 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling
CN591 Research Project in Counselling
CN592 Independent Guided Study in Counselling
CN594 Issues in Counselling

AL421 Greek I
AL422 Greek II
AL432 Ecclesiastical Latin 1
AL433 Ecclesiastical Latin II

LS470 Catholic Liturgical Foundation
LS591 Research Project in Liturgical Studies
LS592 Independent Guided Study in Liturgical Studies
LS594 Issues in Liturgical Studies

MS410 Evangelising Mission of the aCatholic Church
MS403 Scriptural Foundations of Mission
MS509 Mission and the Catholic School - Crossing New Frontiers in the Age of Pluralism
MS511 Evangelisation "Old" and "New" - Educational Perspectives
MS512 Faith, Mission and Culture
MS543 Introducing Islam
MS572 Justice and the Catholic Church's Mission
MS591 Research Project in Missiology
MS592 Independent Guided Study in Missiology
MS594 Issues in Missiology
MS596 Research Essay in Missiology

PT401 Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Practice
PT591 Research Project in Pastoral Theology and Practice
PT592 Independent Guided Study in Pastoral Theology and Practice
PT594 Issues in Pastoral Theology and Practice
PT596 Research Essay in Pastoral Theology and Practice
PT608 Practical Theology in the Service of the Church
PT684 Supervised Ministry Practicum

WH406 Beginning of Western Thought
WH409 Emergence of Modern Thought
WH440 Philosophy for Theology
WH591 Research Project in Philosophy
WH592 Independent Guided Study in Philosophy
WH594 Issues in Philosophy
WH596 Research Essay in Philosophy
WH612 Religion and Modernity
WH621 Theories and Issues in Ethics
WH651 Epistemology
WH671 Readings in Philosophy

TH488 Introduction to Catholic Theology
TH417 The Church
TH431 Christology
TH520 Ministry in the Church
TH523 The Sacraments
TH591 Research Poject in Theology
TH592 Independent Guided Study in Theology
TH594 Issues in Theology
TH596 Research Essay in Theology
TH633 Trinitarian Theology
TH643 Mary: Disciple and Symbol of the Church
TH663 Faith and Theology in Context
TH673 The Historical Jesus